Bioshot BBs is proud to announce we can now ship to countries outside of the USA.  If you are interested in purchasing Bioshot BBs and do not live in the USA please CLICK HERE and fill out the form.  Let us know which weights and how many bags you'd like and we'll return a quote to you.

 Don't forget to include your shipping address with country.  If you would like to know shipping cost please refer to the information in the upper right corner of this page.  Thank you and we look forward to getting our bbs into your guns.

International Shipping Cost (Excluding Canada)

Samples : Up to 5 - 250 round packs  =  $28 USD
1 Bag any weight  =  $34 USD
2 - 6 bags  =  $67 USD
7 - 10 bags  =  $87 USD