6mm .25g Bio-BBs (5000rds White)

6mm .25g Bio-BBs (5000rds White)


If you have an Airsoft gun shooting over 380 fps then you will love these bbs!  They are a must for upgraded guns to maintain power, distance and accuracy.   Even if you have a gun shooting under 380 fps these .25g bbs will help if you are having accuracy problems.  The .25g will fly truer over the .20 in slightly windy conditions and when battling through the brush.  If you are used to using the .20g or .23g bb you may need to play with your hop up adjustment to dial in these slightly heavier .25g bbs. 

Each 5000 rounds come in UV-resistant re-closable bags.  This gives them a longer shelf life along with the convenience of a re-closable bag so your bbs end up where you want them instead of on the floor.

Product Code: BS.25

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