6mm .28g Bio BBs (5000rds White)

6mm .28g Bio BBs (5000rds White)


Since a lot of the newer airsoft guns are shooting over 400fps right out of the box, a heavier bb is needed.  The BioShot .28g is that bb.   With the same high precision as our other biodegradable bbs the .28g will fly straighter longer at a higher FPS.  We recommend trying our .25g bb first.  Then if you are having issues uncontrollable hop-up or want to tighten your groups then move up to the .28g.

Every 5000 rounds come in a UV-resistant re-closable bag. This gives them a longer shelf life along with the convenience of a re-closable bag so your bbs end up where you want them instead of on the floor.

Product Code: BS.28

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