6mm .30g Bio BBs (4000rds White)

6mm .30g Bio BBs (4000rds White)

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The BioShot .30g bb is perfect for guns shooting well over 400fps. You will get the precision and accuracy as other .30g bbs but ours are biodegradable.  So now you can take out your opponent with out taking out the environment.  

Please note that this is our original formal. May have a tendency to bind in tightly wound double-stacked mid-capacity magazines. If you have ever had a feeding issue with our .30s then you will want to try our new updated formula.

Every 4000 rounds come in a UV-resistant re-closable bag. This gives them a longer shelf life along with the convenience of a re-closable bag so your bbs end up where you want them instead of on the floor.

Product Code: BS.30

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