6mm .32g Bio BBs (4k rounds White)

6mm .32g Bio BBs (4k rounds White)


This is BioShot's most popular weight!  If you are pushing your bbs out at 425fps plus, this is the bb you want to use for distance, hop control and tight groupings.  For a while we only had our popular .30g and I'm sure you were wishing for a slightly heavier bb.  Well now you have it.  Please note that this is our original formal.  May have a tendency to bind in tightly wound double-stacked mid-capacity magazines.  If you have ever had a feeding issue with our .32s then you will want to try our new PLA formula.  



Each 4000 rounds come in UV-resistant re-closable bags.  This gives them a longer shelf life along with the convenience of a re-closable bag so your bbs end up where you want them instead of on the floor.

 Product Code: BS.32

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