6mm Mixed Weight Bio BB's (4000 Rounds)

6mm Mixed Weight Bio BB's (4000 Rounds)

8.00 14.75

This is a bag of mixed weights bio bbs.  They are mostly all 6mm but are mixed weights between .20g and .36g.  These are all new bbs not used.  They are from spilled bags and unlabeled bags.  This mixture of bbs is perfect for claymore mines, grenades, M203's and any other device that shoots a lot of bbs you don't want to waste your good bbs on.  They come in 4000 round UV protected resealable bags.  These are very limited supply and once we're out we're out.  So get them while you can at this great price.  

Note:  There may be some 8mm bbs mixed in as well. 

Product Code: BS.MIX

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